The street associated with the courtships of old Limassolians!

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Social Life

When speaking to the older generation of Limassolians about this particular street, you can feel a sense of nostalgia overcome them as they recall the sweet memories of the street where they would gather to flirt, laugh, and spend time with their friends, creating memories and enjoying one-of-a-kind moments.

Several decades ago, just before the island gained independence, Gladstonos Street was full of life in a rather different way than it is today. Many people, most of whom were merchants, would set up their shops down the length of the street, which would then come alive with grocery, kebab and pastry shops, as well as various entertainment venues and cinemas. Not long after, the street also began to host social events, such as school and carnival parades. 

People of all ages would socialize there, though it was particularly popular with younger crowds. Young, enamored students would make their way to Gladstonos Street for a brief flirt, exchanging glances with their beloved and, if they were lucky, perhaps a few words too. As life carried on around them, the city's younger residents would frequent this street for a stroll or a bike ride, always making sure to look smart and smile politely at everyone around them.

For Limassolians today, Gladstonos Street, which begins just before the Pentadromos junction where the Jamouda area is located (find out more about Jamouda here), is simply a busy street in the center of the city connecting other major city streets. For those residents who vividly remember their youth during the years 1955-1977 however, Gladstonos was much more than that. For them, it was their hangout, and a reference point for what was, perhaps, the most beautiful time of their lives.

Information: Adamos Kombou, "Limassol Points of Reference", 2016

Photos: Pattichio Municipal Museum - Historical Archive - Limassol Study Center, Lemesou Mnimes

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