The spectacular phenomenon of shooting stars in Limassol's summer!

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There cannot be summer without the Perseid meteor shower. Of course, if you don’t watch the shooting stars from Troodos or the mountain villages of Limassol, you may be missing the delight, anyway. This phenomenon, which is considered to be the brightest in the history of the humankind, peaks around 11 – 12 of August every year, but this time was even more special.

The moon was away, which made the sky darker and the phenomenon more visible, so many took advantage of the mountain’s clear atmosphere, to enjoy this unique sight. Choosing the most spectacular spots, cameras have captured amazing images of this magical view.

Many villages, from Arsos to Kyperounda and Amiandos, hosted events that allowed people to watch the phenomenon in the company of music or featured by educational activities. For those who were not lucky enough to be there, the images provide an accurate impression of what people have experienced in Limassol’s countryside.

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