The secret of the handmade cheese pie, beloved by generations of Limassolians!

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This distinct flavour first came to life in a little 2 x 2 meter shop on Gladstonos Street in Limassol. This cheese pie was a way for Marios to make a living, but he did not know then that it would become a beloved habit for the people of Limassol.

Ever since the little shop opened, people began to form long queues that reached the street. The aromatic cheese pie quickly became the peoples' favorite. The secret was in the ingredients, as well as in the love that Marios Kleovoulou put into his art. Aromatic butter, a special cheese mixture, with halloumi as the main ingredient, and wild, Cypriot mountain herbs that are traditionally collected by locals, were all reasons for the cheese pie’s success.

For 30+ years, the cheese pie has been made in the exact same way. Marios has followed the same daily routine, kneading dough at 3 in the morning, just like his mother first taught him when he was a child.


The little shop has since grown and he now has help in the workshop, but the cheese pie remains just as crunchy, fluffy and aromatic as it always has been.

Address: 10, Agias Zonis Street
Contact number: 25 360116