The secret of Limassol's legendary chocolate cake, loved by all of Cyprus (and beyond!)

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Beyond kings and queens, heroes and great achievements, sometimes something as simple as good flavor is enough to make history. This is the case with a legendary chocolate cake, which has become a Limassol landmark. Once cannot tell just by looking at it what delicious flavors lie within, as this is a well-kept secret of the workshop where this cake has been made in the exact same way for the past 50+ years.

This chocolate cake is one of the main reasons for the popularity of the historical Petit Paris patisserie on Gladstonos Street, spanning more than half a century. Its flavor, which has remained unchanged through the decades, has been identified with some of the most beautiful memories of the citizens of Limassol (and beyond). Today, it is a way for the older generation to remember the past, though its loyal following is still growing, even among younger people who visit the patisserie to enjoy the chocolate cake.

The recipe proves that simplicity and authenticity are the ‘secrets’ that make this dessert truly stand out. Andreas and Theodoros, the two brothers who have been running the patisserie since the 1960s, have preserved the flavor of their chocolate cake. They continue to make it in the same way they learned when they were young apprentices of Takis Nicolaou, the founder of the shop from whom they eventually purchased it.

Each morning, they bake the same light and fragrant sponge cake, drenching it patiently with their own syrup, layering the freshly-whipped chocolate cream, and drizzling delicious chocolate on top while the cake is still in the pan, before it is cut into pieces. The dedication with which they prepare each pan remains the same and that is truly where the deliciousness lies.