The road with the arches, a landmark of Limassol through the centuries!

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A central spot, integral part of the character of the city for centuries, this road is depicted in one of the most characteristic photos from Cyprus in the previous century, as the road with the arches. Just a few steps from the Medieval Castle area, Demetri Mitropoulou Street (as it is now called) has always been a passage full of sellers, craftsmen, workshops and coffee shops.

Since the Ottoman Empire era, when there used to be “The Turkish market”, this road and the nearby ones were vibrant and busy with people shopping or meeting and chatting with each other.


Part of the charm of this place is the way it creates a harmonious connection between the different historical eras of Limassol. From the characteristic arches (which are thought to have been constructed during the Middle Ages), to the mosque in the back and the ruins of the medieval church, as well as the characteristic stone buildings of the 20th century, the image of this street follows the course of the city through the centuries.

During the 1930s, the old market and the inn were demolished and the Municipal Market II took the place of the old ‘Kounnapia’ square. As for the arches, they may not exist anymore, but a sample of this image is still present at the nearby Genethliou Mitella Street.

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