The rebirth of a historic hotel in the mountains of Limassol!

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Located in the most central point of Platres since the start of the 20th century, this is a space that holds beautiful memories for many people. The once timeless presence of the Petit Palais hotel has once again been brought to the forefront, continuing the tradition of a building that has become a piece of the area’s history.

Petit Palais began its operations during the 1930s, as evidenced by an announcement in a local newspaper of the time. It is possible, however, that the building was there even earlier, at a time when it was called Grand Brittania.

By the mid-1950s, a major renovation took place when a new tenant took over, though the overall image of the hotel remained the same. A press release from the time stating that a group of 80 tourists from Egypt stayed at Petit Palais is a testament to the hotel’s capacity for accommodating large numbers of visitors.

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The radical change in the hotel’s image came about in the late 1980s, after a full renovation by anew manager. Throughout the ‘90s, it remained a particularly popular destination during both summer and winter. It operated with short breaks until the summer of 2018.

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It was then that the George Tsanos Group decided to invest in the enduring advantages of Platres. And so, a hotel with a timeless presence in the local hospitality industry begins a new journey, nearly 100 years after its creation.

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