The popular Cyprus beach that would not have existed without the carriages of Limassol!

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The most distinctive feature of the coastal area of Germasogeia in Limassol is the tree-lined park along the coastline, known as Dasoudi. This park is the only inner-city coastline in Cyprus to have trees that reach all the way down to the sand. But how did this park by the sea come about? 

During the British occupation, carriages were used to transport people and goods along the coastal road, and their movement was significantly hindered during the winter months, when the rough seas would reach the dirt road and block access to it. 

At the time, Mavrokordatos, the Limassol Chief of Police in 1903, decided to create a grove of pine, eucalyptus and acacia trees to prevent road damage. Turkish Cypriot and Greek Cypriot police officers mobilized to plant the trees and create a natural embankment against the surge of the waves.


And so Dasoudi, though initially created for purely practical purposes, is today a green lung, and a space for relaxing, swimming, playing sports and games by the sea.

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