The pioneering Limassolian who brought the first private telephones of Cyprus to the city!

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The telephone first made its appearance in Cyprus in 1911, and was initially a privilege of the administration of the British Government. The only exceptions were certain merchants of Limassol, who used an independent network as of 1914, thanks to the initiative of a pioneering Limassolian, Georgios Giordamlis.

Both Georgios and his brother, Eleftherios, were interested in new technologies and, of course, telecommunications. In 1925, on 1 Salaminos Street, a few meters from the central Cyta offices today, Giordamlis set up an independent call center, the first on the island to serve private citizens.

With about 100 subscribers, this call center, which mainly served merchants and villages such as Amiantos and Pera Pedi, operated until 1936.

Throughout these years, the only staff at the call center were the members of the Giordamli family, led by the husband and wife team of Georgios and Marigo.

It operated daily between the hours of 7am and 11pm, and on Sundays from 8am to 8pm, and, if there was ever a need, the family would also serve anyone who had an emergency and came knocking at their door.

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In 1929, the independent Giordamli call center also published its first telephone directory, with 13 rules and guidelines for the correct use of the telephone, as well as a list of subscribers.

Source: “The unknown pioneer,” Apostolos Markides, Hroniko, Politis, 2002

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