The overhead railway: The first cable-car connection of mountainous Limassol with the coasts!

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The name of one of the most popular coastal locations of Limassol comes from a magnificent project that was implemented in the early 20th century. The overhead railway, which connected mountainous Limassol with the coasts for the first time, is mentioned to this day, even if there are no signs of its existence anymore.

Starting from the warehouses of the Asbestos mine in Troodos, the overhead railway was 36 kilometres long and was the largest to ever be built for such purpose.

The wagons, which ran on ropes, reached the coastal warehouse, transporting the ore to the dock, from where it was loaded onto ships for export. The journey lasted for about 2 hours.

The project began construction in the beginning of the 20th century, with the aim of industrializing the island, but came into full operation after the 1920s.

During the 1940s, when the first Lorris trucks took over the transportation of the ore, the use of the overhead railway began to decline.

By 1950 it was completely inactivated and its installations were dismantled, which is why there is no evidence of its existence today, apart from the name of the coastal area, where the ore arrived.


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