The oldest hotel in Cyprus still survives unchanged in Limassol!

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Its journey began in 1906, when the British discovered an amazing location on Limassol’s mountainside, aimed at becoming the first, internationally renowned tourist resort in Cyprus. That year, Nikolaos Kipriotis created a rather small hotel to offer accommodation to the numerous, high-class guests who had begun to vacation in Platres.

In 1929, the hotel expanded and was named “Helvetia”, to reflect the elegance and luxury of the well-known resorts in the homonymous European country. The 3 floors of the building, with the distinct architecture design of the area, featuring red bricks, wooden floors and stairs, and classic furniture that came straight form Vienna, are a living heirloom of the glory days of Platres.

Since 1947, the hotel entered a new era. As the village of Platres was becoming more and more popular for visitors, both local and international, the need for more beds was growing. So, in 1947, the ‘New Helvetia’ was founded. Undergoing frequent renovations without ever significantly altering ts initial image, the hotel is a living example of a 100+ year old hospitality tradition.

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