The Municipal Baths of the city that were connected with the entertainment of Limassolians!

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The Municipal Baths of Limassol were housed in an impressive building and were part of the daily life of the residents, during the years of the British domination. The presence of the baths in the city was connected with beautiful moments of play and fun, but also for some, with moments of deprivation and hardships.

The building that housed the Municipal Baths was built on the coastal front of the city in 1935. The building was located on the road opposite GSO stadium, with its entrance on the north side. Due to its location, the visit to the baths was soon identified with fun and play for the Limassolians, who got a new favourite hobby by the sea. Men, women and children were gathering in the area, enjoying the sun, the sand and the sea for hours, while the baths were regularly used by GSO footballers after the end of a game. Learn more about GSO here.

On the contrary, for some, the baths were the only opportunity for a hot shower, since the tubs, made of porcelain, contained plenty of hot water, which at that time was a privilege of a few houses. Men and women, after paying the entrance ticket, could use the bathroom facilities, but the room for each gender was of course separate from the other.

The building of the Municipal Baths was demolished in the late 1960’s, marking the end of the habit of bathing in a public space in the city.

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Photos: Pattichion Municipal Museum - Historical Archive - Limassol Study Center

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