The Medieval Castle

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The medieval castle is located right in the heart of Limassol's historic center which today houses the Medieval Collection of the Cyprus Museum. 

The exact date of the construction of the castle is unknown. Textbooks say that it was built in 1193 by the founder of the Lusignan dynasty (Guy of Lusignan) but the first official reference to the castle dates goes to 1228, while Frederick II of Germany was interfering with the affairs of Cyprus. 

In its long lasting life, the castle suffered from many invaders and sustained further damage during the earthquakes of 1567 and 1568. 

The castle in its current form takes us back to the Ottoman period (1590 AD). There were many uses of the castle during the centuries until today which houses the very important medieval collection.  Fortification walls are also of great archaeological interest and there are thoughts that the walls were pieces of a much larger castle. A tradition says that under the castle there is a secret passage that connects it with the castle of Kolossi (about 8 km away). 

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