The medieval canal in Lady’s Mile beach!

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Limassol is a city that was built and formed according to its relation with the sea, since many centuries ago. Still, there are many elements from the past testifying this, even though they are unknown to many.

Apart from the ancient port of Amathus, now lying underwater, east to the city, another sign of Limassol’s maritime past is a harbour located at one of the city’s most popular beaches, in the west. It is a canal, dated back in the eras of the Frank and Venetian occupation of the island.

The peninsula of Akrotiri has always been an area with natural resources (the lake that is now known as a Salt Lake, apart from the salt, also offered a range of fish as well as birds and animals for hunting. Thus, it was an area were ship access was needed for trade. The coast of Lady’s Mile beach still hosts part of the stone-built construction, that allowed the ships to approach the peninsula. Unfortunately, a large part of the canal, both on the coast and at the nearby swamps, have been destroyed, while other parts that still remain are not particularly protected.

Sources dated back in the Venetian era even testify the existence of a fort in this area, too.

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