The majestic vacation house in Platres, a remain of the aristocratic era of the resort!

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Natural beauties and picturesque villages may be the most obvious reasons for visiting the Limassol mountains. Still, the uniqueness of the majestic vacation houses in Platres will always be a reference point for those visiting the area, reminding of the aristocratic air of the oldest holiday resort in Cyprus.

At Spyrou Kyprianou street, this impressive house stands among many other, which appear one after another, each exhibiting a different architectural style. This particular one represents the Style of the Alps, which, both due to its design and size, would be compared to a little tower. The cylindrical construction with a cone roof certainly underlines this resemblance and its European influences.

This special building, which used to be the vacation house of Lanitis family for decades, has undergone a massive restoration in 1990, in order to preserve its splendor. During the restoration works, directed by Miltos Papadopoulos architects; firm from Limassol, the characteristic red bricks, locally manufactured, the traditional stones and wood were used, to make sure that they would blend in with the architectural character of the area.

The impressive tower-house, influenced by the architecture of the Alps, represents 1 of the 6 great, European style that one can find, while exploring Platres village.

Tip: There is no better way to explore the amazing vacation houses in Platres, but to walk through the romantic, stone-paved walkways of the village. Find out more here.