The majestic 'royal' lighting of Limassol!

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Limassol was the first city in Cyprus to acquire electrical lighting. The inauguration of the ‘Limassol Lighting Company’ on May 21st 1912 was the first time that the city was filled with light. The first grand and impressive lighting, though, came in 1937, on the occasion of the celebration for the coronation of George VI.

The city’s lighting happened on the name day of Constantinos, the successor of the Greek throne. The celebratory atmosphere was spread all over the city and the people run out in the streets full of lights, as the Press of that time describes. This image was not saved in photo documents. In the contrary, there are several pictures of the stunning lighting during the celebrations for King George’s coronation in 1937. This was the first large ‘royal’ event taking place in Cyprus, after its declaration as a ‘Colony of the throne’, in May 1925. The celebration took place on May 12th 1937.

The center of the events was the Limassol District Administration Offices (back then next to the area where the Town Hall is situated now), but the celebration was particularly impressive in the seafront, too. An important aspect of the celebratory atmosphere was the lighting of the seafront, as well as of other central parts in the city. Thus, main roads, public buildings, banks, companies, as well as private houses were decorated, according with the design of the local artist, Georgios Fasouliotis, with arches, signs, crowns, flags and thousands of colourful, electric lights.

‘Douglas’, the ship of the Royal Navy, which was in the Limassol’s sea, was lit for the night, while a series of fireworks lit the sky.

Information: Mimis Sophocleous, Scientific Director of the Limassol Historical Archive
Photos: Limassol Historical Archive

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