The listed mansion in Limassol, which received an international architecture award!

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A young couple and their children, who had chosen Limassol as their place of residence, were the driving force behind the new life that was breathed into an impressive, stately mansion in the heart of the historical city center of Limassol. The 2-story, stone-built house, located on the corner of Kitiou Kyprianou and Agiou Neophytou Streets, has recently attracted the attention of passers-by and has also garnered international recognition, including a prestigious A’ Design Award.

It took approximately 3 years to complete the building reconstruction, which was undertaken by the architectural firm Vakis Associates. Upon collaboration with the Antiquities Department, the architects discovered that the building’s original exterior color, beneath the many layers of paint, was blue. This was common during the British Colonial era, as the color blue was used to indicate Greek nationality of a building’s residents, in contrast to the typical green used for most colonial buildings.

Meanwhile, the interior spaces were reconstructed in such a way as to serve the needs of a modern family. The stone masonry was kept as a central presence throughout the interior, while on the ground floor, glass-covered openings were created as a way to display the ruins of an older residence. The exterior patio is particularly impressive, featuring a pool that is visible from the ground floor.

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In this way, this residence that was in almost complete ruins was fully restored in a way that highlights the characteristics of its original form. 

In order to serve the needs of the residents, a parking area was created within the home, without having to affect the preserved building’s exterior image. Also, a special kind of paint, which makes it easy to clean any marks, has been used on the outer walls, to make sure that its image is not distorted in any way.

Photos and information: Vakis Associates