The Limassol mermaid that makes sailormen (and photographers) fall in love!

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At a prestigious spot of the town, on the top of “Porto Bello” building (which means “Beautiful Port”), the alluring form of a mermaid stands out. The impressive 6-meter tall sculpture, made by Philippos Yiapanis, charms anyone who lays eyes on it and especially the photographers, so (even though it stands high above the city) we usually get a glimpse of it through photos of the sculpture.

The sculptor created a mermaid that reflects the Greek legend of the mermaid, Great Alexander’s sister. With the lift of the left hand towards the sky, the mermaid seems as if she welcomes those approaching the harbor, while reminding of the legend, according which the mermaid has been stopping the ships to ask the sailors if they knew whether her King Brother Alexander was alive or not. With the right hand on the forehead to protect her eyes from the blinding sun, she seems as if she looking for something in the horizon.

However, the sculptor wanted the mermaid to be faceless, without any nose or mouth. Thus, people are free to imagine any female face they wish. As for the base of the sculpture has its own symbolism too. According to the sculptor’s story, according to the legend, the mermaid sits on a wave that carries her out of the sea and this is what she still sits on.

The tale created about the Limassol mermaid, narrates that, she was swimming across the 7 seas to find the water of eternity and gift it to her brother and Limassol was her final stop, where she found the local wine as the water of eternity.

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