The Limassol Mayor who was killed in Greece fighting the Turks!

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Beloved to the Limassolians, but also to those opposite of his political opinions, Christodoulos Sozos left a unique mark in history, as he is the only Mayor in the entire Hellenism until today, who died in the battlefield as a simple soldier.

Τhe brave man, though serving as mayor of Limassol, went to Greece and fight near the Greeks against the Turks, during the First Balkan War. However, his participation to the battle was fatal, since the Mayor was killed as a simple soldier at Bizani of Epirus area, near the city of Ioannina, in 1912. The city, wishing to express the gratitude and appreciation towards Mayor's sacrifice, created his bust on the shore of a lake, while a second bust was also made in his honor in Thessaloniki, in 2018.

Christodoulos Sozos was born in Limassol and the engagement with the community and the city began after his studies in law in Athens. Returning to Cyprus, he started working as a lawyer. Since then, he has been deeply concerned with the political, social and economic life of Limassol and in 1908 became the Mayor of Limassol. Christodoulos Sozos has identified his name with important works in Limassol, such as the electrification of the city (learn more about electricity in Limassol here), the starting plans for the construction of the Limassol seafront, the creation of the Limassol Steam Company, while he was also a co-founder of the Laiki Savings Bank of Limassol.

The man who has been described as a hero, a progressive politician, a successful lawyer, a Mayor and a businessman was undoubtedly a prominent figure that marked, first of all Limassol and Cyprus, and the whole Hellenism as well. With the bust in Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Greece, Christodoulos Sozos’s personality becomes a permanent reference point to the historical memory of the Greeks, 1 century after his death.

The Municipality of Ambelokipoi in Thessaloniki honored Christodoulos Sozos in a brilliant ceremony, in March 2018, along with the unveiling of his bust.

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