The legend and the church of Panagia Kyra in Louvaras

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Close to Kakommalis forest, in the southeastern region of the village of Louvaras, there is a beautiful, stone-built church that counts several centuries in the area. The chapel of Panagia Kyra is associated with a romantic legend, which seems to be the reason that the church was built.

The chapel of Panagia Kyra, dates back to the 9th century AD, at the time of the Byzantine era. According to the legend, a rich lady fell in love with a man who, for her bad luck, didn’t belong to her social rank. The lord of the time, and at the same time the father of the lady, learning that his daughter was in love with someone who didn’t fit in the class nor to their family, expelled her daughter to the area where the church is located.

As the legend continues, the lady who belong to the royal family built the church and settled in the area. There, a small settlement of the slaves, the guards and the servants who catered for her was created. They seemed to like her a lot and they used to call her "our mistress (kyra)". In that way, the chapel took its name from that mistress and until today it bears the name "Panagia Kyra".

The church is also called Panagia Tsampikka, from the bright light, which is said to be reflected in the picture of Virgin Mary. The chapel with the wooden roof was restored in 2002 by the Department of Antiquities.

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