The legend and the church of Panagia Kyra in Louvaras

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Social Life
Tradition and Customs

A small, ancient church in the Kakomallis forest, about 25 minutes outside of Limassol, tells an interesting story of a local tradition. 

The construction of Panagia Kyra is said to be linked to a romantic legend. According to the legend, a young rich maiden fell in love with a man who belonged to a different social class. When her father discovered this, he became enraged and banished her to the area where the church stands today. 

Upon her arrival to this remote location, a small settlement of slaves, guards, and servants was also created, all of whom looked after the maiden. They cared for her, and called her 'i Kyra mas' (our Lady). And so, the chapel which she requested was built, and bears the name 'Panagia tis Kyras.' 


The chapel is also called Tsambikka, and was restored in 2002 by the Department of Antiquities.

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