The Lanitio Lyceum badge returned to its city 60 years later!

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Part of the city's history, both rare and very old, it is one of the latest treasures kept in the Historical Archives of Limassol. The metal badge from back in the 50s is the sign which all the school’s students were obliged to have pinned to their clothes, when they moved within the school area or outside of it. The bronze badge has 3 capital letters, the initials of the Greek Gymnasium of Limassol (in Greek) and the students used to call it "calligi".

The former Greek Gymnasium’s of Limassol badge was donated to the Historical Archives of Limassol as an offer by Gianoullis Solomonides, resident of Strovolos, and is now an important heirloom of the city's history, and the history of the school itself. The badge will be stored in a special display case in the Education Room in the Historical Archive.

Lanitio Lyceum is connected with the history of education in Limassol, being the latest development of the Greek High School, which was founded in 1915 and moved in 1945 to the imposing building acquired by a donation of Nicholas P. Lanitis. Its history, of course, begins at the end of the 19th century, when the Greek School was first founded with a studying circle of merely 1 year and later it evolved into an institution of 3-year studies, to become finally a high school and get divided into 2 circles of 3-year long studies much later, in the early 80s.

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