The huge pot of Amathus, which was transferred to the Louvre!

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The ancient area of Amathus is one of the most important regions, which has been a landmark for the history of Limassol. On its land the first signs of human presence and life in the city, dating to the Neolithic age, have been observed. 

Amathus area, where the community of Agios Tychonas is today, contains a rich historical wealth, unique for the history of the city that often remains unknown.One of the most prominent and important examples of the region's wealth is the huge Amathus pot, which today doesn’t exist in Limassol, but is located in France and specifically in the Louvre Museum. 

The pot used to store the grape must, which after fermentation was becoming wine, and the characteristics of its kind, but also of the era in which it was built, remain impressive. Made of limestone, the pot has a height of 1.85 cm, a weight of 14 tones and has 4 curved handles, which are decorated with the figure of the bull.

In 1865, the arrival of a Frenchman and his escort on the island signaled the transfer of the pot, since the image of the object was so impressive that it caused the desire of the French visitors to transfer it to their country. So, since then, the pot has been moved from its original place and is exposed to thousands of visitors at the Louvre Museum, while the visitors in Cyprus have the opportunity to admire a similar pot, which is located in the same area.

Source of information: Limassol Municipality, Department of Antiquities

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