The history of the construction of the only double bridge in Cyprus!

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One of the earliest modern construction works in Cyprus is a bridge that remains unique to this day, standing unchanged in an evergreen valley of Limassol since the early 20th century. Its current form, of course, is a result of changes to its construction over the years, which are a testament to the historical evolution of transport in the area. 

The double bridge of Trimiklini was built during the first years of the British Colonial era, when the British were constructing the road network that was necessary for their transportation in the mountains, where it had previously been nonexistent. The first phase of the construction was completed in 1901, with the aim of serving the needs of carriages. The second phase of the construction was completed in 1917, after the appearance of the first automobile vehicles, which required an upgraded road network.

Since ancient times, Trimiklini was considered a crossing point which served the residents of the countryside who would visit the urban centers, as well as traders who would travel to the countryside from the city for commercial purposes. This spot then became the connection between Limassol – Trimiklini – Troodos and this is probably the reason that another, stone - built, Venetian bridge is also located in the same area, and still stands to this day.

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