The historic building is a reference point in Court Square that continues to keep the city alive

02/03/2022 - Φωτογραφία: Limassol Today
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Social Life
Tradition and Customs

The historic Courts Square is still a unique meeting point in the city center. This is due to many factors, including the new use of one of the most distinctive buildings of the historic center located there, the former Court building.

It is an emblematic building with a strong renaissance element, built in 1911 on the former Ifigenias Street, today Nikolaou Xioutas, by the English architect Williams Williams. This building has housed the modern library of the Cyprus University of Technology (TEPAK) "Vassilis Michailidis" since 2009.

The historic square has managed to preserve the elements of the past not only in terms of architecture but also in terms of social habits. In front of the main entrance of the Court building was the open-air café of Rialas, with tables and chairs on the sidewalk. The cafe was a gathering place for lawyers, citizens and the "elite" of the intellectual and political life of Limassol.

Today, in its place, are the tables of the alternative Poe bar that extend in front of the emblematic main entrance of the library and keep this historic meeting point alive. The daily presence of academics and students contributes to this, which has given a new life to the city, "a new incentive to the social, cultural and economic reality of Limassol," as stated by the former Chairman of the Board of TEPAK Elpida Keravnou at the opening of the library in 2009.

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