The Grand Parade of the 2020 Limassol Carnival

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The first day of spring made a triumphant entrance in Limassol, with the sun shining upon the whirlwind of colors that filled the city from early in the morning, as the city’s Carnival festivities culminated with the Grand Parade of 2020.

Thousands of masqueraders in spectacular costumes and impressive floats marched a distance of approximately 5 kilometers, cheered on by the hordes of people on the sidelines who were swept up in the revelry. Once again, the nonstop dancing, merriment and smiles all around proved that the Limassol Carnival is indeed one of the top 10 in the world.

The celebrations continued until late into the night, with partygoers gathering in the Old Port Square to dance until they drop.

The annual closing party brightened the night and ended with the promise of yet another, even more impressive Limassol Carnival in 2021

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