The gorgeous village of Limassol, where the lilac trees paint masterpieces!

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 There are times when nature displays such artistry that it requires no human intervention for the masterpiece to emerge. All one needs to know is where to look, but also to respect and admire natural beauty. This is the case every year at the start of the spring season in the village of Vassa Kilaniou.

This village, which is nestled among the hills just a 35 minute drive from the city of Limassol, offers both natural beauty and rich traditions to its visitors. The picturesque village, with its stone-built homes and cobblestone streets, becomes doubly beautiful in the spring, particularly during April, when the lilac trees that dot the village are in full bloom.

This familiar, flowering woody plan, the name of which in Greek (paschalia) is associated with Easter (the Greek word for Easter being Pascha), permeates the entire village with purple flourishes from the small, lilac buds found on its branches. Thus, nature appears to be decorating the entire village in celebration of spring, as well as Easter. The lilac tree, after all, is a plant that is resistant to both heat and cold, and does not require much care to offer its rich hues and characteristic aroma every April. Indeed, if the winter is particularly heavy, the lilac tree merely blooms every more brilliantly.

Lilac flowers are typically used to decorate the Epitaph on Good Friday, as tradition says that the tree first bloomed when the Virgin Mary sat beneath its branches, heartbroken with grief following the Crucifixion of Christ, and blessed its flowers.