The first inhabitants of the island and their way of life, through an ancient settlement!

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Social Life

One of the areas that brought to light remarkable evidence of the first people who lived on the island is Sotira. Sotira, a village at the Limassol province, west of the city, has one of the most important archaeological sites, with settlements dating back to the Neolithic Age.

The settlements in Sotira have revealed very important aspects of the way of life of the first inhabitants and their daily routine. As evidenced by the findings of the region, people of the Neolithic era developed small, collective settlements and they were dealing with agriculture, hunting, and pottery.

Of particular interest is the way in which the houses of the small settlements, which are presented at Teppes in Sotira, were shaped. The dwellings were located side by side, forming a larger round and rectangular shape. Following the pattern that characterized the last phase of the area before it was abandoned, the settlement highlighted the collective way in which the small societies used to live in the ancient Limassol.

The foundations of the houses were made of stones and the top of them by reeds and woods. Today, the remains of the Palaeolithic settlement are located on a hill in the village, revealing elements of the Cypriot prehistory, which until now were unknown.

Photos: Archeology of Cyprus
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