The eggs of the 'Birth' in the Limassol Sculpture Park

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The Sculpture Park at the Limassol Seafront (Molos) is a unique art gallery against the backdrop of the sea, and it features a specific exhibit that closely identifies with Easter and the beautiful messages that this celebration conveys.

The exhibit with the 96 eggs is reminiscent of a nest that is just about ready to be filled with hatchlings, thus earning it the name ‘Birth.’ The custom behind the dyeing of Easter eggs follows a similar symbolism, as the life within the egg represents the Resurrection and victory over death.

It is perhaps no coincidence that these egg sculptures, located in the greenery of the seafront park, are one of the most photographed areas of Molos, immediately attracting the attention of passers-by, particularly young children. Undoubtedly, this exhibit has succeeded in conveying the optimistic messages of birth and rebirth, and the perpetuation of life.