The Church of St. George of the Forest

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A few meters from the central square of Troodos, hidden in the pine forest, there stands a rather unusual church. This particular church is dedicated to Saint George of the Forest, and it is built using the distinctive stones that are found in the mountain area. What makes it different, however, is that it follows the traditional architectural style of an Anglican church.

Built by the British during the period of colonization, it is the only church ever erected in the heart of Troodos. Today, the church is located just a few steps from the army camp of the British, who continue to maintain forces in the area.

Sleek and unobtrusive, with large windows symmetrically lined up on each of its four sides and an elegant bell tower on the west side, the church stands out mainly thanks to the romantic scenery that surrounds it. Its sloping roof, similar to those of every other building in the mountains, is intended to protect it from the weight of snow that accumulates during the winter months. The angle allows the snow to slide off, thus avoiding any damage caused to the building.

The church caters to the needs of Catholic Christians on the island, and sacred ceremonies such as weddings are often held there.

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