The bridge that dominates in Trimiklini, from the Venetian Era

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With their passage from the island, the Venetians left remains throughout Cyprus and the next generations using them, they recall the period of their domination. An example of such a remain, is the unique bridge of the village of Trimiklini, which has been a point of interest and admiration for years.

The Venetian bridge, was built, as its name betrays, during the Venetian domination, is one of the oldest bridges not only in Limassol but also in the whole island. The bridge is completely made of stone, with 3 impressive arches in a continuous sequence, while its skillful construction is located right on the edge of Kouris river, which crosses the Troodos mountain range. The place where it’s built has lush vegetation and constitutes the central location, from where the connection of the Paphos province to Kalo Chorio, Lefkara and Nicosia, used to be done.

In addition to the uniqueness of its construction, there is an important historical event that has been accompanying the bridge for many centuries. As the story tells, Saint Helen, coming from Stavrovouni and holding the Holy Cross, crossed the bridge, wishing to transfer the sacred cross to the ancient monastery of Stavros and specifically, to the neighboring village of Koukas and Omodos.

The bridge, overwhelmingly located in the river, attracts the admiration of the tourists, as well as the pride from the residents of the village. Above all, however, it is a point of reference that brings to mind, today, images from the past centuries. 

Cover photo: EconAndre

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