The Bishop's bridge (Fini)

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Built during the 16th century, the "Bishop's Bridge" is one of the 15 medieval bridges of Limassol, which have been recognized as archaeological treasures of the province as of today.

It is located at Vines area in Foini, where there is dense, wild vegetation, thanks to the water of the crossing river. The bridge has a semi-circular arch of 8.9 meters and is 2.4 meters in width.


According to the tradition, the bridge was named as such when one of the bishops of Agioi Anargyroi was saved at the last minute from the rushing river while trying to cross it. The mule that carried him on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky.


Under the ‘’Bishop's Bridge’’ the river Diarizo passes by, one of the largest rivers in Cyprus, which has its roots in Foini and flows into the coast of Paphos.