The Artificial Lake of the Amiantos Asbestos Mine

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In the crater created after decades of asbestos mining in mountainous Limassol, a space was recently created, in order to liven up the bare slope.

The crater of the abandoned Asbestos mine, was turned into a lake that looks like an eye, due to its oval shape.


The crater used to always be full during the winter, yet dried up as the temperature rose. The Department of Forests, constructed an artificial lake with a water capacity of 40,000 cubic meters, in the context of the restoration of the mine that had been turned into an area of drought.


Right in its center there is an islet that functions as a bird sanctuary, in order for the area to turn into a habitat. A pedestrian street has been designed in the surrounding area, so that one can wander around the area.

The dug slope is of wild beauty, which becomes even more impressive when covered by snow.

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