The Artificial Lake of the Asbestos Mine

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A cavity that was created after many decades of human intervention in the mountainous region of Limassol today constitutes one of its most unusual spots. For the past few years, the oval crater of the Asbestos mine has been transformed into a unique lake, appearing from above as the ‘eye’ of Troodos.

Following the abandonment of the mine, this cavity would fill with water following the winter snow and rain, creating an atypical lake on an otherwise depleted and barren slope. The mine, which is one of the richest in asbestos reserves across Europe, had been dug up to the point of no return in order to supply the industry with asbestos, and has since required a comprehensive restoration initiative in order to rehabilitate its worn-out image.

Within this framework of rehabilitation, the Forestry Department has built an artificial lake within the crater, with a capacity of 40,000 cubic meters of water. In the center of the lake, an islet has been formed that will act as a bird sanctuary, in an effort to turn the area into a biotope. A walkway has also been designed along the lake, which allows visitors the opportunity to explore the area on foot. 

In this way, this unique ‘eye’ in the heart of the Limassol mountains has become more than just a reminder of the natural destruction caused by human intervention; rather, it offers an opportunity for reconciliation with nature as well.


In the winter, snow covers the ridges that have been carved on the rocks surrounding the artificial Asbestos lake to create an extraordinary image, one that is in direct contrast to the aquamarine hues of the surface of the lake.

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