The Ancient City of Amathus

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The city of Amathous was developed on two levels, the lower and the upper city (Acropolis). The acropolis of Amathus, which is built on a hill, east of Limassol, used to be a natural fortress and an observatory.

When the acropolis was abandoned in the late 7th century, life moved to the lower town and became one of the major city-kingdoms of ancient Cyprus. 

Excavations revealed the Roman market complex, the baths, four basilicas, the sanctuary of Aphrodite, an aqueduct and the port which is currently below the sea level. Outside the walls of the city, the east and west necropolis (cemeteries) are located.

At the entrance of the Venus Temple, there used to be two monolithic jars half sunk in the earth, so big that could be recognized from far away. One survives still there, in pieces. The second one is currently at the museum of Louvre.