NEW: The amazing commandaria pralines, a fresh idea by a Limassol winery!

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It is one of the newest additions in gourmet pleasures that you need to offer to yourself. The value of this delicacy is multiple, since, apart from the irresistible chocolate, it offers the unique sweetness and the commandaria aromas.

They are little bites of fine quality praline chocolate, with rich flavor and velvety feel. In the middle of this bite, the palate recognizes the distinctive flavor of the most ancient Cypriot wine. Slightly bitter, the chocolate pairs up with the taste of commandaria, pleasing anyone that experiences this perfect balance.

Commandaria, the drink of kings and knights, is a worldwide known wine, produced by local, Cypriot varieties, and it has become identified with Cyprus and Limassol in particular. Its sweet taste makes it ideal for deinking with desserts, either sweets or fruits. Thus, Lambouri winery decided to “marry” this couple and offer it to chocolate and wine enthusiasts in an ideal package.

Find out more about the Lambouri winery and its products here.

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