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Lambouri winery

A beautiful building, with white stone and a large yard when entering it, now hosts the Lambouri Winery in Kato Platres village. Keeping up with the long tradition of Lambouris family, the winery still produces today a wide range of fine wines, as well as other tasty wine products.

It is located in an exquisite place, above the stream of the river that follows the entire length of the village’s main road. Its balcony is surrounded by tall, ever-green trees that prosper in the breezy bank of the river, creating an amazing scenery for you to get acquainted with the splendid flavors of the winery’s products.

Among its range of products, one finds a special commandaria, one of the most well-known in the world, sold up to €3000. This is the Commandaria Legacy Diamond Edition, which has been awarded in Europe, Asia and the USA. This kind of commandaria was first exported to China by the businessman Dai Lingyun, who distinguished it among others, as the one that still follows the traditional manufacturing recipe, with black and xynisteri, the local vine varieties. Extremely pricy, nevertheless, Commandaria Legacy has been a top choice for consumers in China, especially for celebrities. 

Do not miss out on tasting an utterly delightful delicacy, pralines with commandaria flavor, an exclusive production of the winery that complement wine perfectly.

The winery also produces a most ancient kind of wine, Ya’in Kafrisin (Wine of Cyprus), based on local varieties, which is traditionally used in Jewish religious ceremonies. For the first time in modern history, this wine is being exclusively produced by Lambouri Winery.

How to get there (from Limassol):
On the roundabout of Polemidia, take the road to Troodos. Follow the road passing the villages of Alassa, Lania, Trimiklini and turn left towards Pera Pedi. Continue for about 8 Km until you reach Kato Platres village. The winery is located on the right side of the main road, just a few meters after you enter the village.

The winery is open for visitors Monday - Sunday 9 am – 6 pm, or by appointment.

Tel: +357 25422525
Fax: +357 25422526
e-mail: [email protected]

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