22 taverns with a yard in Limassol, to enjoy tradition out in the open!

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There's a different kind of pleasure in enjoying a traditional meze in the yard, reminiscent of an open-air ceremony that connects us with tradition.

The combination of colors and aromas make going out for a meal a unique experience, offering diners an opportunity to escape, feel refreshed, and reminisce about days gone by, when yards and gardens used to be meeting places for groups of friends and lively gatherings.

Below, there are 22 different options for dining al fresco, in traditional taverns in Limassol.

1. Giangini (Saripolou Square)

In the city center, next to Saripolou Square, the beautiful courtyard of this small eatery lies hidden. Its menu features everything from grilled meze to seasonal dishes, all perfect for a night out with friends. 

Address: Chatjiloize Michaelide 6
Contact number: 99 330669

2. Mezedopagida (Irinis Street)

Mezedopagida is a cozy space in the historical center, offering a range of meze delicacies and specializing in snail dishes. Its inner courtyard offers a great atmosphere and live music. 

Address: Irene's Street 111
Contact number: 99 999090

3.Gia tin Parea (Mesa Geitonia)

A welcoming family environment in Mesa Geitonia, with tasty Cypriot meze and a beautiful courtyard, ideal for entertainment during the warm months of the year.

Address: Pavlou Liasidi 2
Contact Number: 99 385678

4. Charcoal Grill (Enaerios)

At Charcoal Grill one can enjoy all kinds of grilled dishes, rich charcoal meze options from the Cypriot cuisine, as well as Arabic flavors. It also offers home cooked meals for lunch. 

Address: Glafkos House 4z, Kanika Enaerios Complex, John Kennedy Street
Contact number: 25 589397

5. Proavlio (Pareklissia)

Serving up traditional, family recipes (such as kleftiko, moussakas, and orange cake), this tavern offers an elevated experience within a beautiful environment, which perfectly accentuates the picturesque image of the village with modern flourishes. 

Address: Timiou Stavrou Street
Contact number: 25 222444

6. Tavernaki tou Meli (Parekklisia)

One of the most well-known options in Limassol for meze and friendly hospitality, Melis Tavern boasts a beautiful outdoor space for enjoying the city’s fine-weather days.

Address: Papayianni Christoforou Street 1
Contact number: 25 635253

7. Pinakio Gefseon (Ayios Athanasios)

In the heart of Agios Athanasios, in the paved square of the village, this venue welcomes guests in a carefully considered environment, and serves contemporary variations of signature dishes of the local cuisine. 

Address: Agios Athanasios Town Hall
Contact number: 25 747480

8. Skourouvinnos (Ayios Athanasios)

The meze dishes offered by this little tavern keep Cypriot tradition alive, and can be enjoyed in the courtyard, accompanied by beloved traditional songs, for as long as the weather allows it. 

Address: Feidias and Polyxeni Diamanti Street
Contact number: 25 720692  

9. Aletri (Germasogeia)

Situated in the traditional center of Yermsoyia, this tavern preserves the image of the old Cypriot houses, where the courtyard held center stage. Its traditional menu perfectly complements the family atmosphere. 

Address: Agias Paraskevis Street 35
Contact number: 70 074444

10. Eparxiaki (Germasogeia)

‘Eparxiaki Tavern’ offers a rich menu of traditional meze dishes, which can be enjoyed in its spacious, stone-paved yard for as long as the weather allows it. The courtyard also hosts live music evenings. 

Address: Ayias Paraskevis 27
Contact number: 99 214447 

11. Areti Tavern (Fasoula)

Housed in a stately old mansion, Areti Tavern welcomes you with unique traditional flavors with every visit. The tavern’s cool courtyard is ideal for warmer days. 

Address: Yiannaki Aeroporou Street 5
Contact number: 97 808218

12. Stoa Aristotelous (Fasoula)

A welcoming hangout for a coffee or homemade meze dishes and seasonal delicacies in the village, seated on the cobbled pathway next to the central square of Fasoula.

Address: Fasoula Central Square
Contact number: 99 956478

13. Baxes (Ayia Fyla)

A restored, classic house in Ayia Fyla welcomes you to its breezy, stone paved yard, serving up traditional Cypriot recipes such as meat on the spit and souvlaki, sieftalies, village sausages and charcoal-grilled potatoes, as well as halloumi, omelettes and many more, tasty dishes.

Address: April 1st Street
Contact number: 97 839621

14. Ex Adiairetou (Ayia Fyla)

A beautiful little tavern, where you will find much-loved flavors of Greek and Cypriot cuisine, in a welcoming environment.

Address: Ayias Fylaxeos 8
Contact Number: 70 006263

15. Forsos (Mouttayiaka)

In the center of the village of Mouttagiaka, Forsos Tavern has been in operation for more than 3 decades, preparing traditional dishes that have made an impression for their delicious flavors, all served in an evergreen, stone-paved courtyard. 

Address: Ayiou Eleftheriou Street
Contact number: 25 329490 

16. Yialousa (Mouttayiaka)

Yialousa tavern is a beautiful, family tavern featuring Cypriot home cooking, which welcomes its guests under the green pergolas that shade the yard during the summer months. The space is available for parties and events.

Address: Archangelou Michael Street 1
Contact number: 25 323000

17. Ayios Epiktitos (Armenochori)

A tavern that serves delicious grilled meze dishes, seasonal dishes, as well as traditional ‘resi’ and warm halloumi, also offers a view overlooking all of Limassol, and live music evenings. 

Address: Ammochostou Street 8
Contact number: 99 346529  

18. Salomi tavern (Agios Tychon)

In Salomi’s kitchen, Mrs. Maro makes her grand creations, preparing Cypriot-Greek fusion meze dishes using unique family recipes. The large courtyard is an ideal option for fair-weather days. 

Address: Kyriakou Matsi Street 1
Contact number: 25 328880 

19. Kissos Tavern (Agios Tychon)

A courtyard featuring colourful shutters and tables on a cobbled floor awaits you at Kissos Tavern. Its menu offers both Mediterranean and Greek flavors, which perfectly complement this idyllic atmosphere.

Address: Amathountos Avenue 106A
Contact number: 99 603960

20. Shiambelos (Polemidia)

Set on a hill in Pano Polemidia, Shiambelos tavern stands out for the incredible view it offers of the entire city from above, as well as for its delicious taste combinations which can be enjoyed in its courtyard. 

Address: Yialousa 1
Contact number: 99 525 298

21. Andy's Place (Polemidia)

Traditional dishes made with seasonal ingredients, and a family atmosphere are the key characteristics that make up Andy’s Place, which is located on the Limassol-Platres road. Its beautiful courtyard is ideal for warm days. 

Address: Giannou Kranidioti Street 31
Contact number: 25 382585

22. I Folia Tou Drakou (Pentakomo)

An adored place, famous for its delicious ‘kleftiko’, as well as many meze dishes to accompany with local wine, beer or zivania.

Address: Pentakomo 4528
Contact number: 99 820641