22 taverns with a yard in Limassol, to enjoy tradition out in the open!

* NOTE: All the tributes of All About Limassol (as the Official Guide of Limassol) aim to ONLY highlight the special aspects of this wonderful city, so that everyone can be aware of the exceptional options they offer. Under no circumstances do they have any promotional or nominal value, and they do not serve the interests of Companies, Municipalities, Organizations or Individuals.

There's a different kind of pleasure to enjoying a summer meze in the yard. Beyond the delicious flavors of the dishes, serving meze out in the open becomes a kind of ceremony, one that brings people closer to nature and tradition. 

The combination of colors and aromas make going out for a meal a unique experience, offering diners a chance to escape, feel refreshed, and reminisce about days gone by, when yards and gardens were meeting places for groups of friends and lively gatherings. Limassol offers 22 special options for dining al fresco. Make sure to try them all, for it's hard to pick just one! 


1. Mesa Yitonia

In the traditional center of Mesa Geitonia, a characteristic, stone-built house still stands, which preserves all of the typical elements of a home from the previous century. This old, 2-storey house, featuring a spacious yard hidden beneath the shade of a luscious, green pergola, has been home to the tavern 'Mesa Geitonia' since 1999, offering a menu with characteristic flavors of the Cypriot cuisine. 


Address: 10, Griva Digeni Street, Mesa Geitonia (close to the church)
Contact number: 25 722986

2. Pervoli

Surrounded by lemon trees and aromatic herbs, Pervoli is an outdoor tavern on Potamos Germasogeias, behind the Tsanotel Hotel, serving traditional Cypriot dishes. Whether it's a last minute get together or a planned visit, this space is perfect for any day of the week. 

Address: 85, Georgiou Α, Potamos Yermasoyias
Contact number: 25 342 555 

3. Pinakion Gefseon (Ayios Athanasios)

In the heart of Agios Athanasios, in the paved square of the village, this venue welcomes guests each night in an artfully decorated environment featuring strong wood elements, and prepares special dishes using fresh ingredients from the local nature of Cyprus. Head Chef Christodoulos Abraham uses modern techniques to recreate flavor combinations that have been a part of the local cuisine for centuries.

Address: Agios Athanasios Town Hall
Contact number: 25 747480

4. Kalderimi 

Kalderimi is a little tavern in the heart of the city of Limassol, reminiscent of decades past in the area of ‘tzamouda’. It is open at noon each day for lunch, offering a variety of home cooked Cypriot dishes, as well as in the evening, featuring a selection of meze dishes, accompanied by chilled beer, zivania or wine, as well as live music.

Address: 8, Ayias Fylaxeos Street
Contact number: 25 355071

5. Mezedopagida

Mezedopagida is a welcoming venue in the historical center of Limassol, which is particularly known for its snal dishes, prepared in 17 different ways. The tavern also offers a wide range of mesze dishes that can be enjoyed in the open air of the courtyard. Some evenings also feature live music. 

Address: 111, Irene's Street
Contact number: 99 999 090

6. Avli tou Vasilea

A beautiful, preserved old house in the historic Agiou Andreou Street adjacent to the Columbia Plaza, with a charming courtyard full of color and scented with fresh herbs such as mint, sage, basil, oregano and rosemary, this garden setting is perfect for enjoying excellent Greek cuisine under the stars. 

Address: 239, Ayiou Andreou Street
Contact number:  25 278000

7. Charcoal Grill

Charcoal grill is a welcoming space where one can enjoy all kinds of grilled meats and barbecued meze dishes from the Cypriot cuisine, with elements of Arabic tradition as well. Each day, it offers a different type of legume dish, and its meats are all freshly selected from their own butchery each day. It is idea for lunch, business lunches, as well as evening dinners. 

Address: Glafkos House 4z, Kanika Enaerios Complex, John Kennedy Street
Contact number: 25 589397, 99 865517

8. Aletri (Germasogeia)

Situated in the traditional center of Germasogeia, on the main road leading to the village, this tavern preserves the tradition of old Cypriot houses, where the courtyard was used as a place for people to escape from the heat. With a traditional menu and a family atmosphere, this venue is a beautiful option for dining out in the evening.

Address: 35, Agias Paraskevis Street
Contact number: 25 325212


9. Eparchiaki (Germasogeia)

At Eparchiaki Tavern you will find a friendly atmosphere and real entertainment. The yard of this beautifully restored, stone built house, offers a refreshing atmosphere and 34 different meze dishes, as well as live music every Friday and Saturday.

Address: 27, Ayias Paraskevis, Germasogeia
Contact number: 99 214447 

10. Skourouvinnos (Ayios Athanasios)

Behind the little church in the village of Agios Athanasios, housed in a warm and welcoming traditional house, is the tavern Skourouvinnos. Its unique dishes, such as souvlaki with halloumi and aubergine, and cheese balls with basil sauce,all skillfully prepared, are what will keep you coming back again each night.

Address: Feidias and Polyxeni Diamanti Street
Contact number: 25 720692  

11. Melis' Taven (Parekklisia)

One of the most well-known options in Limassol for meze and friendly hospitality, Melis’ Tavern offers a beautiful corner for those warm weather days, where you can enjoy a meal in a calming and traditional environment.

Address: 1 Papayianni Christoforou Street, Parekklissia
Contact number: 99 519449

15. Areti Tavern (Fasoula)

Housed in an old mansion, Areti tavern welcomes you with an offering of unique traditional flavors at every visit. With the atmosphere of a traditional, Cypriot home, its cool courtyard is ideal for the warmer days.

Address: 5, Yiannaki Aeroporou Street
Contact number: 97 808218

13. Stoa Aristotelous (Fasoula)

A welcoming hangout that is ideal for a relaxing escape to enjoy a coffee or homemade bites. The tables out on the cobblestone path are a good place to rest weary feet. Musical evenings with a live band are often hosted here, 

Address: Fasoula Central Square
Contact number: 99 956478

14. Baxes (Ayia Fyla)

Baxes is a cozy tavern that is popular with those who know and love good meze, welcoming you to its cool, stone-paved yard in the summer. It features traditional, Cypriot recipes and beloved flavors, such meat on the spit and souvlaki, 'sieftalies', sausages, and potates baked on hot coals, as well as halloumi, omelets and many more tasty dishes.

Address: April 1st Street, Ayia Fyla
Contact number: 25 771001

15. Forsos (Mouttayiaka)

A cool yard adorned with treets and plants welcomes you with genuine flavors of the Cypriot tradition in a renovated area that boasts a friendly atmosphere and excellent service. At Forsos tavern, every visit is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience for exploring authentic Cypriot cuisine.

Address: Ayiou Eleftheriou Street, Muttayaka
Contact number: 25 329490 

16. Yialousa (Mouttayiaka)

Yialousa tavern is a beautiful, family tavern featuring Cypriot home cooking, which welcomes its guests under the green pergolas which shade the yard during the summer months. A place suitable for parties and events, it can also be an everyday option for dining out.

Address: 1, Archangelou Michael Street, Mouttayiaka
Contact number: 25 323 000

17. Salomi tavern (Agios Tychon)

Salomi Tavern will charm you with its traditional decoration, the delicious food, and the friendly environment. With Mrs. Maro working miracles in the kitchen, the tavern offers fusion Cypriot-Greek appetizers and unique flavors, from original recipes made exclusively by the family.

Address: 1, Kyriakou Matsi Street, Ayios Tychon
Contact number: 25 328880 

18. Ayios Epiktitos (Armenochori)

With decor that conjures up nostalgic memories from days gone by, and a friendly and quiet environment, this family tavern in Armenochori offers delicious meals with a view that is especially impressive in the evenings. The menu includes home-cooked dishes, artfully prepared, and all grilled on the fire.

Address: 8, Ammochostou Street, Armenochori
Contact number: 99 346529  

19. Kissos tavern

Creating a setting of colourful windows, doors and tables within the paved yard, Kissos tavern whisks you on a journey from Limassol’s seaside are to the picturesque islands of the Aegean. Featuring a menu of Mediterranean and Greek cuisine, it offers a truly complete experience within this idyllic atmosphere.

Address: 106A, Amathountos Avenue
Contact number: 25 321 026


20. Nama tavern

A courtyard hidden by the rich green leaves of a pergola is home to this tavern's outdoor dining area. The venue, which dates back to 1994, focuses on dishes originating from the Cypriot culinary tradition, aiming to use fresh raw materials, which are the main secret for the success of any traditional recipe.

Address: Elemayia Court No 9-10 Agios Tychonas
Contact number: 25 322471


21. Shiambelos (Polemidia)

Set upon a hill in Pano Polemidia, Shiambelos tavern stands out for its incredible view and the tasteful combinations it offers. From the menu, guests can gaze at the entire city from above, while at night, the lights turn the view into a distinctly dreamy setting. Its menu features delicious meals prepared on the grill as well as a la carte choices from the Cypriot cuisine.

Address: Yialousa 1
Contact number: 99 525 298

22. Andy's Place (Polemidia)

Traditional flavors, a warm atmosphere, and a hospitable ambiance are the key characteristics of Andy's Place Restaurant, located on the road from Limassol to Platres. Featuring a beautiful yard, perfect for warmer days, the restaurant serves dishes of Cypriot cuisine, cooked with mastery and expertise, satisfying even the most demanding of tastes. The venue also features a playground.

Address: 31, Giannou Kranidioti Street
Contact number: 25 382585