12 taverns to enjoy fish and seafood, just outside Limassol!

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In Limassol, you can combine small excursions just outside of the city, with the flavors of the sea. Beautiful taverns, located both near the sea and in semi-mountainous areas, all featuring menus with fresh fish and seafood.

In the following list, you can find the space and location that best suits your tastes.

1. Yialos (Pissouri)

Yialos Tavern has been offering fresh fish and seafood for years, combining delightful flavors with wonderful views. The menu features other Mediterranean dishes as well.

Address: Ithakis 1
Contact number: 25 221747

2. Platanos (Mallia)

The family that runs the tavern at the square of Mallia village has a deep love for the sea, and regularly goes trawling for fish. If you make a reservation, you will enjoy delicious fish of the day, which is prepared with homemade care.

Address: Mallia Square
Contact number: 99 928194

3. Kyrenia Restaurant (Avdimou)

Kyrenia Restaurant is located on Avdimou beach, and offers a rich menu of fresh fish, seafood and Mediterranean dishes. Its balcony boasts views of practically the entire coastline.

Address: Avdimou Bay
Contact number: 99 679451

4. Melanda (Avdimou)

Melanda tavern, just 15 minutes from the city, is located at Avdimou Bay, and boasts magnificent blue sea views. Combine your visit with a wonderful excursion around the area and, upon arrival at the tavern, enjoy fresh fish, seafood and Mediterranean cuisine.

Address: Avdimou Bay
Contact number: 99 565336

5. Oasis Fish Tavern (Lady's Mile)

One of the city’s most well-known fish taverns is located on Lady’s Mile beach, near the Port. Fresh fish is always available, enjoyed in a majestic setting that whets your appetite.

Address: Lady’s Mile Beach
Contact number: 99 888871

6. Koursaros Fish Tavern (Parekklisia)

One of the few dining options that focus exclusively on fresh fish and seafood. It is located in Parekklisia village, in a beautiful environment within a restored, stone-built building with a picturesque yard.

Address: Kyriakou Matsi 1
Contact number: 99 638367

7. Agios Georgios Alamanou

One of the most well-known fish taverns outside the city, Agios Georgios Alamanou is located next to the beach and the popular, white rocks of the area. With a big outdoor and indoor space, it offers a variety of seafood platters, and fish dishes.

Contact number: 25 633634

8. Kalymnos Fish Restaurant (Governor's Beach)

Kalymnos Fish Restaurant is located in a particularly impressive location, where one can enjoy their food with a view of the white cliffs, but also the beach of the area which is awarded with a blue flag.

Address: Governor's Beach
Contact number: 25 632878

9. Panayiotis Governor’s Beach

Enjoy your fish with an unobstructed view of the sea at this beautiful location on Governor's Beach. The restaurant is located on a small hill above the beach with the white rocks.

Address: Governor's Beach
Contact number: 99 645252

10. Akti Sofroniou (Governor’s Beach)

Akti Sofroniou is located at Governor's Beach, in an idyllic location by the sea, featuring a garden and grassy area. The venue welcomes you in to wonderful setting, and offers delicious fish meze and à la carte dishes.

Address: Governor’s Beach
Contact number: 25 632312


11. Faros (Governor’s Beach)

Delicious seafood dishes are on offer at Faros restaurant, located on one of the most beautiful coastlines east of Limassol. Just a few meters from the sea, with a large outdoor space, garden, and grassy area, it is a good option for the entire family.

Address: Griva Digeni 5
Contact number: 25 632552

12. Adamos Fish Tavern (Governor’s Beach)

Located on one of the most famous beaches of Governor’s Beach, this fish tavern has become beloved for its delicious fish and seafood dishes. Offering views of the sea, this space is a timeless dining.

Address: Governor's beach
Contact number: 25 632410