Tasty afternoons in Limassol with delicious Italian habits!

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The scenario goes a bit like this: the day is almost gone, all your chores and troubles are paused, your lunch is long forgotten and your dinner has not yet come to the foreground, so you are in a great danger of settling down with a routine you do not particularly like. This is probably because you are not aware of aperitivo, this delicious Italian habit, that makes your afternoons in Limassol more tasty.

A buffet with wealth of options, with all kinds of Italian charcuterie and cheese, flavors, colors and tastes of the Mediterranean, become the ideal company for a relaxing glass of wine or a cocktail in the afternoon. Along with your drinks, you may choose among a large variety, and enjoy amazing bites, completely for free. as for the drinks, favorite Aperol spritz cocktails, classic negronis and mixes with martini dry, complement perfectly this Italian habit.

Aperitivo is available Monday to Sunday, 6 pm — 9 pm, at Caffé Pascucci, a neat place, with a cozy and quaint lounge, with simple lines in its design and Italian style. So, the philosophy of the Italian flavors extent further than just coffee, and if you choose to have a light meal, its menu sure does have many interesting options for snacking.

Find out more information about Caffé Pascucci here.        

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