Ta Kokkalakia: A beloved Limassol hangout makes a dynamic return, 25 years later!

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Its story began in 1996, when the Limassol city center was very different than what it is today, and ‘Ta Kokkalakia’ was a hangout that stood out for its unique flavors inspired by South African cuisine.

And now, many years later, this little restaurant has been reintroduced to the public once more, through a modern street grill hangout on the pedestrian walkway of Agiou Andreou Street, next to the busy Zik – Zak alleyway. ‘Ta Kokkalakia’ has kept the family’s recipes from South Africa intact, and offers a hangout that sits in perfect harmony with the little shops and customs of the area, making it an ideal addition to this beautiful neighborhood.

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Its menu features delicious, slow cooked ribs and chicken wings, dipped in homemade sauce and finished on the grill, wonderful corn ribs and potatoes topped with cheese. The salads, fresh and filling, include legumes, vegetables and fruits, making them the ideal alternative for anyone who does not eat meat.

Contct number: 7777 7427