Symposio: A tavern that stood out in mountainous Limassol, has also moved to the coast!

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Within a few years, Symposio Tavern has managed to become the main reason for someone to visit Pelendri village, in the mountainous Limassol, in order to enjoy traditional flavours with fresh and local ingredients.

Nikos's family, who launched the tavern in Pelendri, had started more than 20 years ago in Pissouri. At the beautiful village square, the seaside Symposium opened its doors, bringing along all the favourite, traditional flavours that the mountain tavern has established.


Traditional meze with fresh and local ingredients from the orchard, juicy meats, wild greens, traditional pasta with wild mushrooms (the tavern’s specialty) are just some of the menu dishes that have won over people’s hearts.

Address: Pissouri Square
Contact number: 99 123777