Stoa Aristotelous: A picturesque tavern in a village in Limassol, in an alley straight out of a fairy tale!

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A cobblestone path, surrounded by traditional, stone-built village homes, is located just 10 minutes from the city of Limassol. For the past few years, it has been home to a welcoming hangout that is ideal for a relaxing escape to enjoy a coffee or homemade bites.  

The biggest advantage of paying a visit to Stoa Aristotelous in Fasoula is the fact that it is simultaneously so close and so far from the city. It is easy to get to for a daily outing, and yet its location is enough to transport you to a setting that is scenic and serene, and a 180 degree change from the frantic pace of the city. The small tables out on the cobblestone path as well as inside the meze shop, are a good place to rest weary feet.

At Stoa Aristotelous, among the historical heirlooms of the village (the Folklore Museum and the old Fasoula Olive Mill are also located along the little path), Antigone, the owner of the space, has created an atmosphere that is reminiscent of a traditional home.

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As such, the menu includes seasonal delicacies, of the kind prepared lovingly by housewives in their kitchens. Wild mushrooms in the autumn, seasonal salads and omelets with wild greens from the fields of Fasoula, homemade sausages, as well as delicious biscuits with grape syrup are just some of the menu items worth trying, depending on what time of year one visits this spot.

Musical evenings are often hosted here, both on the pedestrian street and inside the venue.

Address: Fasoula Central Square
Contact number: 99 956478