Special advertisements in Limassol from the past!

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Social Life

Sometimes, the strongest memories from Limassol of the decades past, come from the impression created by the advertisements of those days. The vibrant colors and designs, the promotional lines are capable to bring back in mind the flavors, scents and experiences related to the advertised products.

Thus, retros ads, which Limassolians used to find in newspapers, magazines or in the streets, outside the shops, almost everyone can now recognize the elements of everyday life in those times, which are inevitably related to the personal memories of each individual. After all, these advertisements, which would grow in number and become even more impressive after the mid-20th century, testify a city that would not stop growing, too, both in idustry and toursm. 

Since the end of the Ottoman domination, when Limassol began to have an economical, business, and social development, different advertisements began to be produced. Advertisements with imaginative texts and images, for cars, food and beverages, clothing and footwear, to tobacco companies, production machines and consumption items, make up the scenery of the old Limassolians’ way of life, their routine and the social life of the city.

Photos: Lemesou Mnimes, Titos Kolotas, Limassol Historical Archive

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