Sparti Adventure Rope Park (Platres)

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A theme part with climbing ropes, zip lines, aerial wooden bridges, archery, towers and nets awaits young and old in the pine forest of Platres. Adventure Rope Park is the first of its kind in Cyprus, and offers an alternative opportunity for exercising and connecting with nature. 

The activities are suitable for everyone, from young children to adults, without an age limit. Any visitor with a body weight of up to 100kg, who does not suffer from any heart problems or any physical or mental disabilities, can participate in the activities. 

There are more than 100+ activities that have come straight from France, some of which, such as the speed zipline and the free fall ropes, first arrived in Europe via Cyprus from the USA. 

The park was named after Ancient Sparta, where such activities were often used for children's physical and mental training. 

All visitors are equipped with climbing harnesses and helmets, which must be returned intact in order for them to receive their initial deposit. Only cash payments are accepted. 

For more information: 99 100003 

*The park remains closed during the months of January and February.