So what exactly was that cloud that ended up hiding the May sun in Limassol?

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An unexpected shift in the weather aroused the curiosity of people who happened to be in Limassol on Monday, May 20, at around noon. Though the day started off bright and sunny, with a distinct summer vibe, the setting abruptly changed when a dense cloud descended upon the seafront and the historical center of the city. 

It was a visible shift, one that could hardly be ignored, as the cloud remained hovering above Limassol for some time, drastically limiting visibility and even entirely wiping out the view of the sea as well as some buildings. According to the weather report from Tasos Ierodiakonou's weather station, the cloud was made up of dense humidity, which formed above the surface of the sea as a result of the difference in temperature between the air and the water. 

With summer fast approaching, weather changes often result in such strange and unusual phenomena. This sudden fog was certainly a cause for surprise, but also resulted in interesting images, the photographic evidence of which was captured by people who happened to witness it. This low-lying humidity cloud remained above Limassol for some time and eventually drifted away, dispelling any concerns that this phenomenon had to do with the dust in the atmosphere. 

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