Skourouvinnos: The 'trickster' of Ayios Athanasios became one of the most well-known taverns in Limassol!

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Though it is an unusual one, the name of this tavern has become well-known thanks to its menu and is now synonymous with delicious and imaginative meze dishes. Skourouvinnos tavern, which is named after the nickname given to the owner's grandfather, is situated in the heart of the traditional center of Ayios Athanasios, offering a special culinary experience, based on traditional Cypriot cuisine, featuring fresh and select ingredients.

The nickname 'Skourouvinnos' means 'trickster' and it was the nickname given to the grandfather of Yiannos Agathangelou, due to his playful personality and the fact that he would often tease people. This same playfulness is a trait found today in the flavor combinations of the variety of meze dishes offered in this little tavern, which keeps both tradition and the warm hospitality of the locals alive. 

One of the main things that make Yiannos' meze dishes stand out is the fresh, seasonal ingredients, which come straight from his garden in Kellaki village. Thus, good quality ingredients, as well as the creative flourishes found in his dishes (from souvlaki with halloumi and aubergine, cheese balls with zucchini and homemade lountza with wine, to orzo with ouzo, salads with seasonal legumes and homemade desserts with fruits) have led to gourmands becoming steady fans of this spot for years. 

The lit fireplace in the winter, the wonderful yard that is ideal for the summer and the decor with traditional items and artwork of well-known Greek singers, created by Yiannos' wife, all frame the culinary experience perfectly.

Address: Feidia and Polixenis Diamanti Street
Contact number: 99 608178