Skiing in Troodos

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The Troodos ski resort is one of the island’s most popular winter sports and leisure destinations. At an altitude of approximately 1900 meters, it boasts 4 pistes of varying levels of difficulty, which are available for skiing and snowboarding.

Two of the pistes are located in Sun Valley, while the pistes of Zeus and Hera are located higher up, and have a sharper incline. Both areas are available for ski lessons for all ages. Lessons can begin from ages 5-6, or at any age children feel comfortable to stand in the snow.

After about 2-3 lessons, one can independently use the ski lift that leads to the top of the piste.

The ski resort offers skis equipment and boots for rent, though those who wish to partake in the activity should come equipped with waterproof and isothermal clothing, extra socks, face cream and sunblock.

In recent years, group visits and lessons for children aged 10-12 have been organized in coordination with local Primary Schools.

It is dangerous for people who are not skiing or snowboarding to move along the pistes, as well as for people who do not follow the instructions of the trainers, as there are risks of injury due to overcrowding.

Contact number: 25 420105