Shambelos tavern: The internationally-praised tavern that came to Limassol from Yialousa!

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Though this tavern may overlook the Limassol sea today, the start of this family business many years ago has its roots on the other end of the island, with a view of another, northern coastline. Leaving behind the occupied town of Yialousa, along with the family hotel and restaurant, the children of the Shambelos family came to Limassol as refugees, bringing with them the artistry and love they have developed for hosting people.

Though the tried to remain in their town for as long as possible, the hardships and limitations imposed by the Turkish invaders after the war made life impossible there, leaving them with no choice but to flee. When the family arrived in Limassol in 1977, the tourist industry was still insignificant, but as it kept growing fast over the next few years, it became all the more clear that they had to make use of their experience and knowledge to open their own business. Thus, on a hill in Polemidia, with a view of the entire Limassol coastline, the new home of Shambelos Tavern was established.

Preserving the elements of genuine Cypriot Hospitality and cuisine, this tavern has turned into one of peoples’ favorite options for evenings accompanied by traditional flavors and home recipes. The familiar atmosphere, a result of the brotherly collaboration of the 5 children running the tavern, is one of the main elements that make it stand out. After all, this family of refugees has created a place just as warm and original, as the one they used to call home, but had to leave behind.

The exquisite hospitality of the family business in Yialousa was even praised by the International Red Cross in 1977, as the father, Nikos Shambelos, owner of the hotel and restaurant that operated there, offered the facilities of his business to host the members of the Red Cross during the Turkish invasion and the first years of the occupation, as well as for the needs of examination rooms.

Shambelos family

Address: 1 Yalousas Street
Contact number: 99 525298