Shambelos tavern: From the occupied Yialousa to Limassol, with international praise!

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A tavern that today overlooks the sea of ​​Limassol, but the beginning of the family business took place many years ago, on the other side of the island, overlooking a unique, northern sea.

Leaving behind the occupied town of Yialousa, along with the family hotel and restaurant, the children of the Shambelos family came to Limassol as refugees, operating a tavern with such artistry that has been adored by many.

Preserving the elements of genuine Cypriot hospitality and cuisine, this tavern has turned into one of peoples’ favorite options for evenings accompanied by traditional flavors and homemade recipes.

The familiar atmosphere, a result of the brotherly collaboration of the 5 children running the tavern, is one of the main elements that make it stand out. 

Address: Yalousas 1, Polemidia
Contact number: 99 525298