Sea exploration in the sunken harbor of Amathounta!

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The sunken harbor of the kingdom of Amathounta is located east of Limassol, in the coastal area of Agios Tychonas. Visitors can tour the area, crossing over the ancient boulders that once formed its fortresses.

The Amathus Marine Protected Area is located just 100 meters from the shore, at a relatively shallow depth, which makes it easy to swim there without the need for any equipment. Starting from the little cove near the Agia Barbara church, swimmers meet on the eastern seawall, where the entrance to the harbor is located.

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By following a path parallel to the coastline, swimmers can cross the entire width of the harbor, where seagrass flourishes, acting as protection for the coastline. One may also come across turtles, schools of fish, shellfish, sponges, and perhaps even rays.