Sea caves in Limassol

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Limassol has its own sea caves. And could it not, since the waves meet with cliffs on the coastline of the island, which can be easily sculpted when hit with the strength of the water.

The sea caves, that one can visit, as long as they are determined to explore and not just for games and sunbathing on the beach, are located at the western end of Agios Ermogenis Beach, at Kourion. The beach is 1 kilometer long and attracts many visitors frequently, but most of them stay at the center of the bay, which makes the caves a pretty undiscovered treasure.

Maryna, who is crazy about free diving, did visit Kourion beach, when travelling with the purpose of discovering sea caves, and she was excited with the experience in this location. One can see that at the photos capturing moments of her diving adventure. Even if free diving is not your thing, but you still love to be close to the sea and always discover new and beautiful locations, then a visit sure is worth it.

After all, the beach has many qualities and options, too. Find out more about the beach here.

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