Saripolou Square

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It has always been one of the central parts of the city. The meeting point for people, goods, favorite tastes and habits. This popular square is now one of the most sought out destinations for drinks, dining and nightlife.

With dozens of shops framing it, Saripolou square is buzzing with life, while on weekends it is difficult even to cross through it because of the crowds. It is without a doubt a favorite hangout for the young people in the city - but not exclusively. Its bars, cafes and restaurants have managed to bring in a small area, a wide variety of options for your outings.

It is a paradox, indeed, that this cosmopolitan square bears the name of a very severe person, that of the distinguished lawyer Nicholas I. Saripolou, who was born in the early 19th century in Larnaca, of a mother from Limassol. Saripolos was the founder of Public Law in Greece. After the beginning of the Greek Revolution, the Ottoman authorities confiscated the property of his father, so the family had to leave Cyprus and settle in Trieste. For his overall contribution to the legal science he was awarded as a member of the Academy of Paris and the Royal Academy of Belgium.

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