Santa Barbara Chapel

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This small and humble chapel, dedicated to Santa Barbara, is located on the side of the street that passes in front of the ancient kingdom of Amathus. It is visible on the left side of the road that once connected Limassol with the districts of Nicosia, Larnaca and Famagusta.

Though the chapel is very small, it is situated just a few meters from the seaside, and frequently spotted by both locals and visitors in their daily commutes. As a result of this, Santa Barbara has become quite well-known, which has led to both the surrounding area and the neighboring beach being christened ‘Santa Barbara,’ bringing a small piece of California to Limassol.

The area, which falls within the territory of the Agios Tychon community, boasts many hotels, as well as entertainment venues and beach bars, thus making its name, reminiscent of the famous California resort, even more appropriate. And so, the Limassol version of ‘Santa Barbara’ is more than just a small chapel favored by many for their small ceremonies (such as baptisms). It has also become a trademark for the eastern side of the city.